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“The Family Pig” Complete Harvest

The Family Pig is an earnest and winsome course in domestic pig raising, harvesting and eating. Inspired by the pig, we go deep and wide in the preservation of pork, the salting of bacon, the harvesting of innards, the carving of flesh and the unreproved indulgence in fat and salt.

You take with you not only a package of educational material and sausage of your own making, but the working knowledge of harvesting two pigs from the field to the two-year-old prosciutto hanging in your kitchen. The class will be at our homestead outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Family Beef Harvest Class

Using your hands and antique cutlery, we will harvest two grass finished Texas Longhorn steers.  We will transform one 30 day aged carcass into kitchen-sized cuts for your pots, pans, and ovens. We will unknit the carcass without creating any waste. Our yield will be 100% of hanging weight in resolute distinction from the convention of wasting over half the harvest. The silhouette of the magnanimous bovine is our only parameter.

This class is for the beginner and the experienced alike. In two days, you will have gained enough hands-on experience to harvest cattle at home wisely. The class will be at our homestead outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Each student goes home with 10lbs of beef for the family table.  These longhorns are artfully rotated on the cross timber prairie grasses of Oklahoma and never fed grain.

2-Day Martinmas Goose Harvest

The goose is the noblest bird of the farmyard.  As grazing waterfowl, it supplies the home kitchen with utterly unique provender.  Starting with living geese, we will transform them into undiluted goods for the family table through the culinary traditions of the premodern peasant.

“The confit pot is one of the most useful storage items in the French farmhouse kitchen.” -Elisabeth Luard

With the convenience of refrigeration so widely available, we can easily ward off spoilage, at least for a little while. But this ease comes at the cost of flavor. The freezer cannot improve the meat it contains; it can only delay its inevitable demise. Older methods of preservation not only keep meat from going bad, but help it to go good. The traditions of our fathers in preserving the harvest evince thrift and extravagance in equal measure. One of these methods is confit.

The class will be at our homestead outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

3-Day Complete Lamb Harvest

This is a unique chance for farmers and hunters of all stripes (new or veteran) to learn more about growing livestock and field dressing your game with good meat as the goal.

Using your hands and antique cutlery we will turn 4 lambs into kitchen sized lamb cuts, sausage and charcuterie. The class will be at our homestead outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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