The “Family” Lamb Class is a two-day, complete harvest workshop, Happening November 5-6th with Make Do Farmstead in the southern Cascades of Washington State.

Using antique cutlery and your hands, this event transforms six heritage breed sheep into fresh, cured, and cooked lamb.

This is a “Hands-On” (as in YOUR hands) workshop, and you’ll leave with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to butcher sheep as well as deer, elk, beef, and goat. While there are practical differences between the harvest of elk or beef and domestic sheep, the general principles, knife work, and anatomy are the same.

For registration, email or call Nicholas at, 509.774.7035. You can find him on Instagram at @makedofarmstead.

On November 20th, 2021 Brandon will give a day of instruction in farm-scale hog harvesting at New Woodlands Farm near Russellville, AR. We will learn to kill, scald, scrape, eviscerate, split, cut, cure and cook the family pig. We will cure meat for preservation and not just flavoring using simple traditional methods and experience a beautiful marriage of thrift and extravagance. Sign-up on the New Woodland Farm’s page below.

This full day beef butchery workshop, hosted by the Robina Institute on November 27th, 2021, is designed to be both winsome and overwhelmingly comprehensive, delivering the essentials of human-scale beef butchering by starting with the ethics and art of field harvesting and dexterously carrying you through to the final packaging of processed meats. Sign-up on the Robina Institute’s page below.

“The Family Pig” Complete Harvest

The Family Pig is an earnest and winsome course in domestic pig raising, harvesting and eating. Inspired by the pig, we go deep and wide in the preservation of pork, the salting of bacon, the harvesting of innards, the carving of flesh and the unreproved indulgence in fat and salt. You take with you not only a package of educational material and sausage of your own making, but the working knowledge of harvesting two pigs from the field to the two-year-old prosciutto hanging in your kitchen.

***Both Sessions in Tulsa, OK; 2022***