Meatsmith Membership

From: $14.49 / month and a $24.49 sign-up fee

Meatsmith Membership is a community and a resource for homesteaders and farmers. It serves all those who want to cook and eat well. 

We offer the fruit of our labors and kitchen from more than fourteen years of experience, and our Membership community of more than six hundred is an invaluable digital resource.

This online program provides an earnest and winsome approach to domestic livestock raising and slaughter, butchery, curing, cookery, and charcuterie, the only one of its kind in the country. Join today and partner with us in growing your home around the harvest

Membership is $14.49/month plus a $24.49 signup fee OR you can purchase a year at a time for $12.08/month ($159.39 for the year), and we’ll waive the signup fee.

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You can find a full description of what’s included in Meatsmith Membership here

Gifting Meatsmith Memberships

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