“Putting Grasslands to Work”

The Savory Institute’s Annual International Conference
August, 2014


Podcast with Eric Le of EPIC bar's Meatcast

  • Eric and I discuss Meatsmithing to a predominantly urban, ‘Paleo’ audience here.  We hit topics including:
    • What a meatsmith does
    • The different methods of harvesting and butchering animals and the impact that can have on the taste and quality of meat
    • The difference between today’s curing methods and traditional practices
    • How one is able to cure meats at room temperature with only a single ingredient
    • The most unique “Rank Your Meats” segment to date on the Meatcast

(Dec, 2017)

The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko

Brandon joins Jack Spirko on “The Survival Podcast” to discuss a variety of Meatsmith topics. (November, 2013)

Podcast with Paul Wheaton of

Brandon reviews the Pig in a Day DVD from the good people at the River Cottage and cover a good deal of the traditional approach to pig harvesting.

Podcast with Paul Wheaton of

Recorded during our Kickstarter campaign, I talk about standard processing practices, ‘organic’, what curing is, meatsmith consulting and more.

Podcast with Charley Cooke of The Survival Mom’s Radio Network

I talk with Charley about how small-scale livestock processors fit into the burgeoning agrarian economy. This podcast is important to me because butchery serves cookery, which is to say that the butcher is only worth his salt if he enhances the ability of the home cook to feed the home. This task has historically been the sacred office of the Mother.  Many women who are now reclaiming sovereignty over their food supply are raising the next generation of eaters who will not be satisfied with industrial fare.  This is the biggest and best step in our agrarian renaissance. (July, 2013)


Post on Gluten Free Girl

Blog love from fellow Vashon Islander, Gluten-free-girl. A beautiful post on our business and fundraiser. (July, 2013)

Review on Fast Company

A good recap of our story, business and the fundraiser, highlighting the unique nature of our mission to empower peasant economy; use of the whole animal deliciously. (July, 2013)