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Little Way Farm & Homestead

Brandon & Ross McKnight chat with Mathew & Carissa Winters again about food, culture, and the catholic faith. Brandon & Ross touch on the class they’re about to teach together at Backwater Foie Gras. (January 2023)

Little Way Farm & Homestead

Lauren & Brandon sat down with Mathew & Carissa Winters for a great conversation on how to be better stewards, not just of animals while they are alive, but of the proper use and end of meat in our farm and homestead. (November 2023)

Melissa Norris

Brandon chats with Melissa about learning how to raise, butcher, and prepare homegrown pork for the best flavor, something every homesteader wants to know.         (July 2022)

Brian Holdsworth

With the fragility of systems we have long placed our trust in becoming apparent, many are taking an interest in becoming self-sufficient. Brandon talks with Brian about Meatsmithery, homesteading, husbandry, butchery, and living in accord with the divine order and the natural law. (May 2022)

Homesteading Family's Podcast

Brandon explains to Josh everything you need to know about curing bacon at home. This episode will teach you just how simple it is to cure meat, the supplies you need, and answering the most frequently asked questions about cured bacon. (May 2022)

The Justin Rhodes Show

The full interview previously available for Abundant Permaculture members only. (February 2022)

The Justin Rhodes Show

Brandon and Justin discuss livestock harvesting, how he became a butcher, and spirituality in the discipline of husbandry and butchery. (February 2022)

The Prairie Troubadour Symposium

The Virtue of Pig Killing;
Brandon’s talk at the 2022 Symposium. From sonnets to Cottage Economy, from Thomas Aquinas to selling cured meats, Brandon distills much of what we’ve been discussing over the years into this talk. Listen to talk. (February 2022)

Crusade Channel

Brandon chats with Mike Church about our Meatsmith origin story, the call back to the land, butchery 101, knife sharpening, livestock breed diversity, the increase in homesteaders, raising waterfowl and rabbits, braising meat, uses for lard, etc. (January 2022)

The Conversationalist

Brandon talks with Daniel Firth Griffith of the Robinia Institute in The Conversationalist Webinar Series. The topics discussed range from descaling agriculture to Aristotle. (October 2021)

Catholic Man Show Harvesting a Lamb

Brandon returns to harvest a lamb and chat a little bit more about his backstory, catholic traditions, the burden of abundance, the taste of lamb, etc. Listen to episode. (November 2020)

Catholic Man Show Meatsmithery 101

Bacon, butchering, and smoking. The Catholic Men sit down with Brandon to talk about bacon, butchering, smoking meat, and men who take their faith seriously. Listen to episode. (October 2019)

The Intellectual Agrarian

Brandon chats with Terrance on a range of Meatsmithery topics ranging from not separating animals before slaughter, Federal regulations for smaller processors, and butchering a whole animal may require eating something new and different. (May 2019)

Working Title Podcast

Brandon talks to Joseph and Steve about what a Meatsmith is and why he does what he does.                 (May 2019)

Epic Provisions

Brandon chats with Eric Lee about what a Meatsmith does, the impact that the kill can have on the taste and quality of meat, conventional vs. traditional meat curing, and how to cure meat at room temperature with only salt. (December, 2017)

Coming Home Network

Brandon talks with Marcus Grodi about majoring in English and his conversion story. *This interview is primarily faith-based. (December 2015)

Permaculture Podcast

Recorded during our Kickstarter campaign, we talk about standard processing practices, ‘organic’, what curing is, meatsmith consulting and more.                  (2014)

Permaculture Podcast

Brandon reviews the Pig in a Day film with the good people at the River Cottage. They cover a good deal of the traditional approach to pig harvesting.      (2013)

The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko

Brandon joins Jack Spirko to discuss various Meatsmith topics ranging from how bacon is commodified to why grass-fed beef is trimmed of its fat.       (November 2013)


“Putting Grasslands to Work”

The Savory Institute’s Annual International Conference
August, 2014

Articles & Posts

For the Love of Meat by Steve Werblow

                                  Read about Brandon’s taste revelation when he experienced peasant food for the first time, giving cooking advice at Farmers Markets, the burden of abundance, thrival, and culinary value.  (April 2021)

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