Episodes 78: The Virtue of Pig Killing; Brandon’s talk at The Prairie Troubadour 2022 Symposium

Episode 78: The Virtue of Pig Killing; Brandon’s talk at The Prairie Troubadour 2022 Symposium

The Virtue of Pig Killing; Brandon’s talk at The Prairie Troubadour 2022 Symposium. From sonnets to Cottage Economy, from Thomas Aquinas to selling cured meats, Brandon distills much of what we’ve been discussing over the years into this talk. 


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  • Intro to how we provision our home, 2:25
  • Sonnets (they relate to pig killing, we swear), 7:05
  • Having to purchase meat again, 10:10
  • The virtue of killing pigs, 11:20
  • Cottage Economy, 11:30
  • Pig hierarchy, 16:50
  • Why Brandon left academia, 22:20
  • clouded by emotions when killing livestock, 29:00
  • Three powers of Thomas Aquinas, 39:09
  • Cooking is an essential part of slaughter, 41:33
  • Catching blood & blood sausage, 44:22
  • Making andouille sausage, 47:33
  • 100% yield from your livestock, 49:45
  • Pig killing requires you to use your senses, 56:11 
  • Meat spoilage, 58:35
  • Selling cured meat retail, 1:05:50
  • Finding harmony with the natural order, 1:12:40


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