On The Anatomy of Thrift Series

On The Anatomy of Thrift is a series of videos produced by Farmrun and Farmstead Meatsmith in 2012. The series is, in it’s entirety, a manifesto on the subject of eating animals. It deals in the history, theory and philosophy of the act, as well as the brass tacks of meatsmith knowhow. We created three full episodes, and raised funds for production with a Kickstarter campaign video.

On The Anatomy of Thrift - Episode 1

On The Anatomy of Thrift - Episode 2

On The Anatomy of Thrift - Episode 3

Kickstarter Fundraising Video

New Freebies

Blood Sausage

A portrait of Farmstead Meatsmith, filmed in late 2010. Subtitled for the Corto & Fieno Rural Film Festival in Novara, Italy.

Blood Sausage

Blood Sausage Trailer

Mercilous Feast

A glorious celebration of the feast of divine mercy, hosted by Farmstead Meatsmith at the Church of St. John Vianney. Starring Rachel the Lamb and others.

The Butcher's Benefit

The Butcher’s Benefit

A celebration/fundraising event put on by Skillet Street Foods and Farmstead Meatsmith at Island Meadow Farm. Big thanks to Island Meadow Farmers Chandler, Caitlin and Greg, fiddler Morgan Fichter, and all the other folks who helped pull this together.

The Butcher's Benefit


When’s the last time you saw a toddler eat headcheese like this?