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2-Day Martinmas Goose Harvest

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The goose is the noblest bird of the farmyard.  As grazing waterfowl, it supplies the home kitchen with utterly unique provender.  Starting with living geese, we will transform them into undiluted goods for the family table through the culinary traditions of the premodern peasant.

“The confit pot is one of the most useful storage items in the French farmhouse kitchen.” -Elisabeth Luard

With the convenience of refrigeration so widely available, we can easily ward off spoilage, at least for a little while. But this ease comes at the cost of flavor. The freezer cannot improve the meat it contains; it can only delay its inevitable demise. Older methods of preservation not only keep meat from going bad, but help it to go good. The traditions of our fathers in preserving the harvest evince thrift and extravagance in equal measure. One of these methods is confit.

The class will be at our homestead outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Current Session Available:

November 15-16th, 2024

Tickets: $1,095; limit 8 tickets.

Please ensure you read our “Student Signup Information and Policies” document. Due to quick sign-ups, traveling students and small class sizes we maintain a strict refund policy. If coming from out of state, please read our Out-of-Towners page.

On the first day, you will artfully slaughter and de-feather a goose fattened on the pasture of St Martin’s Summer.  This will equip you with the experience to skillfully harvest all waterfowl.  As usual, the class size will be small to keep the hands-on experience undiluted.  We will cure the extremities for confit, hang the geese in the cooler and enjoy cassoulet for slaughter day supper.

The second day will warm the kitchen with pots of cured goose bubbling in goose fat and stuffed goose roasting in the oven.  The geese will be eviscerated cold so that we can glean all the fat for confit.  Among many traditional preparations, we will dry-cure the breasts for magret séché, make liver pâté, dutifully feast upon roast goose and jar the confit for you to take home.

Barnyard geese are traditionally under the protection of St Martin of Tours who, humbly fleeing being concecrated a bishop, was flushed from his hiding place by a flock of noisy geese.

By the end of the course, you will not only have harvested the entirety of the goose, but put each part to the highest and best use.

Provided with a traveling cooler, you will go home with jars of confit goose and magret séché.

“…the confits are really farmhouse preparations, for the protracted convenience of a single, often isolated, family.” -Jane Grigson

This is an earnest hands-on course.  The goal is to impart the actual virtue of goose provender, from kill to confit.  The meat and especially the fat of the goose opens up a new horizon of culinary efficiency and flavor.  Potatoes cooked in the confit lard, for example, are superior not just in degree but in kind to all other potatoes preparations.  The addition of goose confit to the modest pot of dried beans nobly exalts legumes to flavors seemingly beyond their nature.

Most importantly, we will cover goose cookery.

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Course Dates

November 15th-16th


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