This is a 6 page annotated list of all the tools you need to process pork, lamb and goat from home in the old-school way.  It is a PDF that you download after purchase.  It includes sources, prices and purchasing tips and represents the summation of our huge and costly education in what works and what doesn’t.  Once you have the right tools (also meaning you don’t have the wrong ones) the meat nearly processes itself.  (Not really, you wouldn’t want that anyway.)

The necessary tools for cutlery, slaughter, butchery and basic curing are covered in this digital download.


An Excerpt:

“First, you need a tree to hang the pigs from.  Branches 5-6” in diameter will hold the pig just fine.  The branches need to be 14’ or higher from the ground to fit the scalding unit underneath the vertically hanging pig.  It is not an option to use a forklift or bucket tractor.  I have had one too many collapse on me.  These do not reach the required height anyway.”

The setup described in this precept is intended for the homestead.  Much of the equipment you will find cluttering the farmyard.  Nonetheless, the quality of harvesting that you can achieve with a chain-hoist and a 55gal. drum will be superior to the slaughter house.


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