Pig Slaughter


This is the lengthiest precept at 41 pages.  In writing it, I assumed you wanted to know everything about how to kill a pig in your backyard proficiently, beautifully and without waste.  Each step is detailed, including the kill, dehairing, offal harvest, splitting, cold storage and more.  This is where nose-to-tail eating is made possible.

This is a digital download.


An excerpt:

“The entire self must be engaged. The calculating tradesman and spirited amateur together are needed to slaughter a pig proficiently and beautifully. The latter effortlessly grasps the ends while the former tends more closely to the means.

Leave behind any inherited ontology of food and allow yourself to be completely abducted by salubrious abundance. Let the animal and the process redefine pork for you. Meat from a pig that you slaughter is no longer something that you choose from the meat case. You will know in the silence before you pull the trigger that it is a gift somehow beyond your likes and dislikes.”


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