Episode 8: Tools

Brandon and Lauren discuss the tools that have most defined their meatsmithing journey: tools that allowed them to get started in the business, as well as truly harvesting for their own family on a budget.

They start with the few high-ticket items for their shop, and end with a few necessary field tools….as well as what may be in store for them as they continue to grow.

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed

  • Introduction and announcements, plus ‘how did our Holiday meals go?’
    • A reminder for Beef.
  • Tools! Tools for the backyard, 1-human show, considering both average domestic/hobbyist time and budget.  Started with a $3,000 loan to begin business.
  • Shop equipment:
    • Grinder, Pro-Cut KG-12-FS, 3/4 horsepower grinder; $500-$700
    • Stuffer, Stuffer from Sausagemaker.com, 5-15# canister; $200-$400
  • Slaughter equipment:
    • Jet Burner, Bayou Classic Super Duty Double Jet, $98.95
    • Gambrel, Meathookus.com, Super Duty Beef Gambrel, made to order, call for pricing
    • Handsaw, Bunzlpd.com, Packer Saw, $34.95
    • Hog Scraper, Butcher-Packer.com, $27.45
  • What’s in our future…. as more efficient tools go?
    • Hand Tiers and such!

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– https://www.amazon.com/Charcuterie-French-Pork-Cookery-Grigson/dp/1902304888

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– http://www.bayouclassicstore.com/gascookers/SP40.html

– http://meathookus.com/id3.html

– https://www.bunzlpd.com/20-stainless-steel-trigger-action-packer-handsaw

– http://farmsteadmeatsmith.com/product/tools/

– http://farmsteadmeatsmith.com/membership/

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