Meatsmith Bibliography


This is an annotated list of the books that I found most useful and inspiring.  They taught me how to be a meatsmith and they will carry you down the same path if you let them.

This is a 5 page digital download.


An excerpt:

“Any book on meatsmithery has got to offer more than just information.  In a sense, the more one talks about it, researches it on the internet and reads about it, the further one gets from the thing itself; function is swallowed in surmise.  I suppose that’s because meatsmithing is not a thing to know, but something to do.

That is why I have chosen these works.  They turned my thinking into doing.  More than showing me that meatsmithing was possible, they showed me that it was desirable in the loftiest sense of the word.” (This pdf was update January 2024)


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