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This precept relates the simple process of making, storing and using the leaf fat of a pig to great culinary affect.  This internal body fat is found in cows, lambs and goats so these instructions apply to them as well.  Pork leaf lard, however, simply is the best and original shortening.

This is a 6 page digital download.


An excerpt:

“More than a century ago, the pig was valued chiefly for his fat.  According to William Cobbett in 1833, ‘if [a pig] can walk two hundred yards at a time, he is not well fatted.’

This is the noble heritage of most of our domesticated hogs.  It is written into their physiology in at least seven distinct types of fat, each with a specific purpose in the kitchen.  Here we will focus on the leaf fat, the most refined lipid creation of the pig.”

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