I wrote this over the course of a kickstarter campaign for our backers.  Each day I made an entry for the thirty-three days of the campaign.  They pertain to the limitless art of meatsmithery.  As such, they range widely from deglazing, whole-animal spit roasting, broccoli and BBQ to name a few.

This is a 20 page digital download.


An excerpt:

“Meat Cookery Principle #16: How to Roast a Pig, Part 4

Let the carcass hang in the walk-in for one night. This will be enough time to chill it to the bone and set the aerodynamic shape. Remove the carcass from refrigeration about eight hours before you plan on roasting. You don’t want to waste fuel just driving out refrigerator chill.

Mount the pig on the spit and keep it in the bathtub or in a large cooler. Bloody water will drip from the carcass as it comes up to room temperature.

Now it is time to score the skin. Utility knives are best for this because you can set the depth of your cut. With the blade extended no more than an 1/8th inch, score the skin all the way down the back of the pig in long lines running perpendicular to the spine.

Drizzle and then spread lots of olive oil all over the carcass. Work in lots of salt and freshly chopped herbs so that they fill the incisions you made.

Set your alarm to wake you fourteen hours before you plan to serve the meat. Go to bed early.”