2023 Live Chat Archives

December 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Some old spots are difficult to scald; Dry aging beef is decisive; duck fattening; breeds of foie gras; Grinder to get; to shoot a yak or long haired bovines; boning out H bone; what else to do with bellies – rillettes porchetta…;  the noble dairy cow; cassoulet; Clear span pig hut; Brining as preservation; salt source. Watch here.

November 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Foie gras duck vs goose; what to ask for when getting a beef share; growing tobacco; how to roast a goose; defeathering geese; temperaments of ducks and geese and Muscovies; muscovy vs pekin; cassoulet; culling the meanies; to wax or not to wax waterfowl defeathering.

October 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Fence jumping cows; dryness in roasted hams; different types of feather pluckers; plucking waterfowl vs chickens; fencing cows; bovine temperaments; getting started with geese; why use a pither for the kill; spreadable liver pate vs liver sausage; removing the crop in waterfowl; salting meat of different thickness.

September 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Cooking takes time; tricks for using liver; feeding milk, corn and mineral to pigs; next level butchery equipment purchases; signs of spoiled sausage; bus tubs; Starlink is coming, forums flaws, foie gras; smoked pork chops; hog feeds; what to tell your butcher when he gives you a cut list; using your cold room for storing meat.

August 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Statistical knowledge versus actual knowledge, OK vs WA; curing in hot and humid; peafowl cookery; goose harvesting; heat tolerant goose, goat and pig breeds; sliding glass door fridge; how to cook young vs old birds; duck cookery; braising and its manifold benefits; haggis, harvesting tripe for haggis.

July 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Chicken liver pate recipe; chicken heart cookery; pig smarts and containment; jewish dietary laws; the eating of blood in the new covenant; sharpening cleavers; sheep jujitsu.

June 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Wheat Harvesting; hatching Muscovies; cooling carcasses with ice; eviscerating an intact boar; hanging sheep; the order of killing two sheep; Redmond food grade salt vs livestock salt; Pig fat profiles.

May 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Films to come; feather bone removal strategy; boar killing; fermented feed; GOS growth rate; slaughter in September; when to slaughter a buck; walk-in tour!

April 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Fasting, milling flour with KoMo and the cheating that is fresh milled flour; suet and tallow and their manifold uses; fattening cows; crown roast of lamb; advice for going to college; how to deglaze a pan for a sauce; salami salt quantities; cooking skirt steak.

March 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Smokehouse ideal design; heavy metal down the drain; grease trapperie; stink vs ripe in cures; each part of the duck to the best culinary use; deep bedding management of pigs; dealing with the dry skin on long-aged beef.

February 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

The Physiology of Taste, revolution and traditions; boars and shoulder fat; torching a boar; brining as opposed to dry salting when it comes to simmering and roasting; pig waltz on big pigs; mineral deficiency; finding cranes; seawater as mineral supplement diluted 1:30; serving lamb tartare; removing toe nails from bovines.

January 21st, 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Smoking salami, creating new recipe; why enameled cast iron; blood spotting around nipples of a belly; cutting beef without band saw; cooking testicles and the head of pigs; encouragement to cure; roasting a goose; shop design; torching the pig.

January 7th, 2023 Facebook Live Chat.

Winter catch up; blood bread; building a gibbet; second to knife butchery investment; the virtue of braising; aging beef and such beefy things; wood cutting boards; order of harvesting cuts from a beef carcass hanging somewhat indefinitely.