2021 Live Chat Archives

Dec 18th 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

The impoverishment of domestic kitchen; value of huge refrigeration; submerged brining; pre-modern articulation of the function of curing; IPPs; curing prosciutto without skin, go culatello; freezing a whole carcass; selling fresh meat.

Dec 4th 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Pressuring the self to butcher quickly; pairing knife and plates; blandness of cured beef; porchetta; confit recipe; storing stock; reusing brines; avoiding drying during roasting; do ducks eat mustard greens; freezing sliced ham.

October 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

(This is the first time live streaming from our new place, we apologize for the inconsistent video and breaks) Mold run down; traveling with bacon; short glitchy move update; purging the femoral artery; speck; dealing predators; venison harvesting and cookery; keeping goat hair off meat; shrinky sausage.

September 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Aging pheasants with Mrs Beeton; Chilling carcass options, butchering hot; humidity and sausage types; classes; shooting little; butchery surface; where we are moving; wrapping concave parts of meat for freezer; prosciutto and maggots.

August 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Moving update; kefir usage; blood sausage eating and keeping thereof; feeding barley and peas; spit cooking pigs; scraping difficult spots; chilling pigs and humidity; scalding barrel material; finishing goat; al asador cross roasting; hp of grinders.

July 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Testicle recipes; leaf lard best practices; eating sows; prosciutto; sausage casings; boar taint; killing turkeys; harvesting wounded turkey; selling cured shares; shooting large caprines; feeding spend grain; to scald or skin given setup.

June 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Shooting pigs in trailers; bald eagles; Hogg and bacon joke; splitting with cleaver; denying pigs feed before slaughter; SCC milk for pigs; cooking with bacon rind; dealing with salty ham; combining pig groups; sausage shrinkage; large blacks: shooting pig with gun on head; mild salt.

May 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Burden of abundance; forgiveness built into peasant methods; speck; prolonged curing; saltpeter reduction; pickling pork; nitrite tang; sourcing saltpeter; mold; old recipes vs scientific precision; sensibility; preserving chicken; dry aging beef as preservation.

April 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Spring planting; Parsley hams; feeding pigs; feeding milk and simple grains; separately managing meat and egg flocks; pools for ducks and geese; fencing height for sheep.

March 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Pasture qualities for sheeps and holistic management; wrapping meat; chorizo; pig shelter; pig barrels on azure; smoking and rancidity; pig predators; soy in feed; coarse vs fine salt; off flavors in pork; fencing goats.

February 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Benevolent confinement: do it for the soil; wintering animals/mud season; split pigs head on vs. head off; sheep sheltering; location of sticking cut in pig slaughter, hoop house for pigs; raising geese/geese breeds; is fresh pork hard to digest?; hooks for hanging ham; mallet vs. cleaver; egology blocks; charcuterie level 2 class for future; sharpening knives close to the handle; bone-saw blade replacement; preventing curing rancidity; keeping ham after cooking.

January 2021 Facebook Live Chat.

Barrel dumping technique; keeping trotter incisions clean; harvesting and cooking old rabbits; rabbit confit; carnitas to be cooked in lard; good butchery resources; summer pig harvesting; finding a place to chill meat in summer; stinky caul fat; virtues of a chiseled edge; keeping flies off cures; skill in the little things.