2020 Live Chat Archives

December 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Meatsmith Christmas harvest plan; Christmas feasting, boar’s head carol/recipe; prices and butchery business processes, education, and valuing your labor/margins; mangalitza hair follicles- not a problem for flavor; lead lard rendered without a lid rids the uric acid; jet burners and stainless steel 100 gal drums; pounding meat and muscle physiology; sausage from bull meat; Poulet de Bresse, American Besse; poultry fattening house and breeds for fattening; turkey heritage breed history.

November 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Martinmas goose and mangalitsa harvest; rifle choice; protein source in pig feed; feeding kelp; nitrate in hams; brine pumping; shooting a pig in a trailer; venison vs pork curing; creating a strong cutting edge.

October 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Age of muscovies for slaughter; how long to hang pork; roasting apparatii; freezer wrapping; spilled guts!; grazing pigs; brine types.

September 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Carnitas; sharpening scrapers; discerning pig hierarchy; picky kiddos; skinning pigs; uses of pigskin culinarily.

August 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Duck housing; brining nitrate/nitrite; laying flock management; sheep knife or gun?; virtue despair; splitting axe; splitting wood.

July 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Geese and fat harvesting; sourcing sheep; sugna; beef apparatus.

June 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Honesuki knife shape; minimal necessary force for goat slaughter; gavage report; expanding without comprising; curing experience; culinary sonnets.

May 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Oily fat; rusk in sausage; domestic gavage; Muscovies; maximizing egg production; protein in pig feed.

April 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Skinning for caping; eating goat kids; maturity of goats; keeping the right number of sheep; fly mitigation; Salo.

March 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Judging the aging of fresh meat; carnitas; curing chamber simplicity; salty salami benefits; the draining of bacon; fodder; curing in humidity.

February 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Sausage grind size; emulsified sausage; curing back bacon with streaky bacon; Duck slaughter refining; oil dripping from cures; St croix sheep; proscuitto mites and other proscuitto threats.

January 2020 Facebook Live Chat.

Confit and rillettes; in praise of emulsified; goose killing; beef aging and eating; Christmas feast; air chilling poultry; custom exempt; curing in the south; dehumidifier to combat slimery.