2018 Live Chat Archives

December 2018 Facebook Live Chat.

The little way, love that which you sacrifice for; homo harvestens; over salting; smoking holiday ham; duck fat harvest.

November 2018 Facebook Live Chat.

Triumvirate of fatty, crunchy and tangy; winter scalding; lamb curing; lamb sausage; trotter cookery; eating bacon raw; salt pork; why muscovies stopped laying vacuum sealing coppa; deer curing

October 2018 Facebook Live Chat.

Butchering little animals; context before particulars in farming; duck harvest management in the kitchen; duck breast in honey; duck liver pate; fattening duck; cleaning intestines sausage

September 2018 Facebook Live Chat.

Smoke house construction as an assertion of radical orthodoxy, revolutionary docility; braising; thawing; vacuum sealers; refreezing meat; whey to pigs; goose; gavage; veal and civilization; the making of straight chops between slanted ribs; and more.

August 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Panel discussion for Farmers for America; duck scalding; suckling pig; roundworm; Muscovies and Mallards; scalding barrels

July 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Porchetta recipe for leg o pork; peasant vs production flavor; outdoor cookery; employing farm help; herbs and spices; Meatsmith Membership reviews and news; prowess vs recipeism; rabbit recipe a la Samwise Gamgee; sous vide the deed.

June 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Ignatia Ann Therese; Fencing Old Spots; Shooting pigs with regard to their capacity for spazitude; Jacques Pepin and olive rabbits; Jane Grigson; Holistic Management; Pig husbandry for and not at the expense of the land

May 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Benton Bacon, Sugna, processors and lard pigs, feeding rye and distiller grain, edge vs. end grain, USDA processing at low volume, sunburn on pigs and that is all.

April 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Rabbits, Confit, Mother Method for Curing All Meat, Beef Curing, Cutting Table Cleanliness, Aging Meat, Mold Meaning, Cutlery Steel and Such

March 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Mangalitzas, backfat, scorching for Salo recipe, feeding practices in various regions, and more on fat.

February 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

Fermented cooked sausage. Sausage spicing. Cure accelerators. Mangalitsas. Eating a prosciutto.  Goose and Duck Fat. Pacific Northwest Salami?

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January 2018 FaceBook Live Chat

An Assertion of Delight in the Human Scale. Wherein we treat of French Andouille, the psychology of culinary dictionaries, outdated but illuminating taxonomy, the disposal of slaughter-day waste, the beneficent work of marinades, the making of sausage from whole pigs and the metrics for the rightful seasoning thereof, the artful harvesting and cooking of laying hens, braising, the roasting of Christmas beef, replacing alliums to accommodate allergy, the philosophy of culinary prowess, using binders or flavors in sausage, universal knife shape and chilling hog carcasses without a walk-in refrigerator.