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If you’re new to Meatsmithery, we—Brandon and Lauren—are pleased to meet you.

For a thorough acquaintance, you will want to enjoy our free 3-part film series On the Anatomy of Thrift which have edified 100,000’s of viewers worldwide.  These films aptly describe our work more than anything we write here.

Our work, which seeks to restore husbandry to prosperity, has shaped the unique claim of our business:

We are the only abattoir, butchery and educational operation of our kind in the country.

We generally harvest for small family farmers who raise a couple of pigs, a few sheep or a flock of various poultry for their own household.  Think very small scale. The animals never leave the land they know, we use peaceful and humane kill methods specific to each animal’s nature, and we offer every part of every animal back to the farmer.

Unlike many processors, we don’t know the meaning of trim.  Well, we do, but that is why we don’t do it.  We make sure the quality fat you meant for your animal to have, stays there.  Consequently, you will get all your meat back.  And by that we mean 100% of hanging weight.  Standard industry procedure is to dispose of as much as 50% of hanging weight.

Because the dinner table is where the rubber meets the road, particularly with unfamiliar cuts, innards and extremities, Brandon makes himself available for advice long after he leaves your farm.

We also make classes out of harvesting events for interested students near and far. Often we teach the farmers who hire us, enabling them to keep all or part of their processing costs in-house for the next season.

Currently we reach farms in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  A handful of farmers and associations have flown Brandon to the east coast, the midwest and  the UK.

In 2014 we launched our online store to spread educational material to equip people outside of our traveling reach to return to regenerative livestock harvesting.  Our The Butcher’s Salt e-book precepts have shown us that our education is wanted and needed all over the world. The small contribution we give to the agrarian renaissance is taking hold in places as far afield as Australia and Brazil.

If you like what you read, please continue to browse our site to learn how you can be part of meatsmithery by way of membership, class participation, or by hiring us for your farm harvests.

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