Episodes 61 & 62: Eating Geese, Broken Truck and ‘Side’ Farming

In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren relate the complexities of trying to deal with a broken slaughter truck … during the middle of harvest season … while living on an island … with seven kids in tow.   They share various methods of cooking a goose to reach its highest and best expression; how to make carnitas from previously frozen meat (and sausage from cured back fat); their fervent desire to build seasonal family traditions to pass along to their children; and considerations of various farm ‘side’ gigs.

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Carnitas: an absolutely delicious way to use up that meat in your freezer, 4:24
  • Christmas – Give the gift of Farmstead Meatsmith!, 10:19
  • Goose harvest and roast, 14:14
  • Fasting and feasting, 22:57
  • Utilizing cured back-fat in sausage making, 26:21
  • Broken slaughter truck, 30:41
  • Seasonal songs, 42:28
  • Cooking goose to its highest and best expression, 43:41
  • Family traditions, 47:05

Part 2 Show Notes

  • Butchery demonstration at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, 1:05
  • ‘Side’ Farming, 4:12
    • pigs, 7:15
    • broilers, 16:30
    • unique endeavors (ie. goat kids), 17:52
    • rabbits, 19:51
    • beef, 20:53
    • sheep, 26:15
    • duck eggs, 27:28
    • Other considerations
      • What is your land suited to?, 28:39
      • What is your locale?  What are your customers looking for?, 30:44
    • Vegetables, 34:43
  • How our pig shares work, 39:41
  • Family farming … more about quality of life than making money, 42:58

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