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In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren explain why they finally broke down and bought a side of beef for their family; why they decided not to freeze any of it; and how they worked through the side of beef, removing chunks of meat as needed over a three month period.

Brandon will convince you that the best way to eat beef is — VERY aged; and offers suggestions on how to entice your family to eat it (despite its colorful mold).  Finally, Brandon and Lauren share their three time-tested, and proven, pillars of beef cookery and their preparation techniques for each cut of beef.

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Why we broke down and purchased a side of beef, 9:48
  • Our decision not to freeze any of the beef, 19:01
  • The way to eat beef is … very aged, 22:02
  • Mold on aged beef, 33:12
    • How to get your family to eat dry-aged beef with mold, 43:45
  • How we broke down and cooked our side of beef, piece-by-piece, 49:44
    • Skirt steak and flank, 49:44
    • Foreshank, 51:52
      • Braising (plate, brisket, flank), 53:58

Continued in Part 2…..

Part 2 Show Notes:

      • Ribs, 1:20
      • T-bones, Sirloin, Neck
      • Sirloin (ground), 10:40
        • Emulsified sausage, 10:47
          • How to make, 15:09
      • T-bone steaks, rib roasts, tenderloin, filet mignon, top round, 27:02
      • Hamburgers from beef top round and smoked pork jowl, 30:37
      • Three pillars for beef, 36:35
        • 1) Do age it!
        • 2) Don’t trim
          • Bouillonnaising, 38:32
        • 3) Pork fat is essential!
  • Braising methods and variations, 45:39

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