Episodes 49 & 50: Meatsmith Kitchen Economy

In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren talk about their own kitchen principles and habits.  They describe how these habits have come along slowly; but that since before they were married, and to this day, they have always cooked and eaten all three meals together as a family.   They describe mealtimes as anchors to their day — “like monastery bells ringing us in”.

Learn what a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack-time looks like for the family, and how they build their menu around what is seasonally available to create nutritious, economical meals for their large, growing, energetic family.

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Should I butcher a young boar?, 7:47
  • Our household culinary principles and habits, 12:14
    • They’ve come along slowly, 16:13
    • Cooking and eating together, 16:55
  • Developing habit in your home culinary journey, 22:28
  • Essential components of our kitchen economy, 32:16
    • Breakfast, 54:32

Continued in Part 2…..

Part 2 Show Notes:

    • Breakfast continued….
      • butter and salt, 1:03
    • Lunch, 14:22
    • Dinner, 17:04
      • Misc
        • Broth and confit, 24:11
        • Fermented vegetables and “Eat All Greens” 32:24
        • Cured Meat, 34:37
    • Snacktime, 37:44
  • Hospitality, 45:26
  • Working with what we have on hand seasonally, 54:36

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