Episodes 32 + 33: Slaughter Stories and Sustainability

In Episode 32, Brandon and Lauren talk about the current stage of their business, changes they’re making to it, and what they’re currently focusing on.  They also share some interesting slaughter stories, as well as, what Brandon has been up to, the variables of farm-kill (you’ve got to expect them), and the benefits of benevolent confinement of your animals over winter.  Brandon also explains why you’ve got to have “a hawk’s eyes and a bat’s ears” if you own your own slaughter business,

Episode 33 is all about sustainability.  How do you price your product in such a way that you can sustain your business, provide for your family, and support a locally-based agrarian economy?  Tune in for Lauren and Brandon’s insights!

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Farmstead Meatsmith’s feature article in 1889 Washington’s Magazine — “started as a family business”, 1:02
  • We’re currently focused on:
    • Distilling our business, 7:58
    • Expanding our membership forum and managing our labor, 11:33
    • Advertising and promoting our business, 14:34
  • Slaughter Stories and tidbits:
    • What Brandon has been up to:  The variables of on-farm kill — expect them!, 19:20
    • Our husband-wife slaughter business set-up is unique, 34:23
    • “Hawk’s eye and bat’s ears” – weird sounds and compromised bolts, 36:00
    •  The benefits of benevolent confinement of your animals over winter, 43:07

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • Determining what to charge for  your product, 1:14
    • The loadstone:  Cost of living considerations, 8:27
    • What the market can bear, 9:35
    • Production costs, 11:22
    • Marketing/advertising considerations, 13:56
      • Know your yield and develop your customer base, 13:56
      • Utilizing technology, 20:44
  • Creating an economic revolution, 26:59
    • On being “crispy on the outside, tender on the inside”, 28:51
    • Guarding your time, 32:57
  • Sustaining your business:  the benefit of necessity, 35:25
  • Educating your customer base about your product, 39:30

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