Episodes 30 + 31: Skinning and Eviscerating Cows, Sheep & Goats

In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren discuss the skinning and evisceration of ruminants, to include cows, sheep and goats.  Part 1 covers the mechanics of skinning, and how to do it in a way that will maximize the fat left on the carcass.  If you question why you would want to do this, Brandon’s explanation will make it clear.

In Part 2, Brandon and Lauren discuss one of the biggest challenges in skinning haired animals — keeping the hair off the meat!  Other topics include fisting, how to remove guts without puncturing or ripping them, and how to overcome the smells associated with processing animals.  As a final side topic, Lauren and Brandon discuss the curing of ruminant flesh.

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Surviving an Island Snowstorm, and Why Pigs are the Best,  1:00
  • Family Pig Classes – learn to butcher for the home kitchen, in your own backyard, 5:45
  • Skinning…
    • From a metaphysical perspective, 13:50
    • How to, 43:03
    • Maximize the fat on the carcass – Why you want to do this!, 1:04:46

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • The big challenge in skinning haired animals — keeping the hair off the meat!, 1:03
  • Fisting from head to rear vs. rear to head, 10:35
  • Evisceration, 13:44
    • Opening the carcass without ripping or puncturing the guts, 19:32
  • Overcoming the smell of the processing, 26:22
  • How to cure ruminant flesh, 39:09

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