Episode 87+88: Culling, Cattle Rotation, and Gregorian Chant

In episode 87, we chat about the Assumption, our current virtue building, guilds & slaughterhouses of old, how our classes can get you off industrial meat, the meaning of culling, and rotational grazing on our farm.

In episode 88, we chat about Gregorian chant; what it is, how it’s different from modern music, and how it impacts our lives.


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Timestamps/Topics for Episode 87:

0:00 Intro & Assumption tide
5:47 Our current virtue building
9:00 Guilds & slaughterhouses of old
15:08 Our classes get you off industrial meat
26:20 The meaning of ‘to cull’
31:46 The Slaughterman’s Creed
42:04 There is waste in life
47:12 Rotational grazing on our farm

Timestamps/Topics for Episode 88:

0:00 What is Gregorian chant?
12:00 How Gregorian chant is different from modern music
15:06 You will understand even though it’s in Latin
22:48 A different way of singing
32:21 Beauty orders the appetites
39:48 Chant appeals to the intellect
44:00 Definition of Beauty
51:34 How chant impacts our lives
1:05:17 Chant in our home
1:11:10 Sound of Music’s influence

Links for Episode 87:

  • Slaughterman’s Creed from Haslingden Old And New, Blog – Thursday, 23 January 2014 by Bryan Yorke: 

‘Thine is a task of blood,
Discharge thy task with mercy,
Let thy victim feel no pain,
May sudden blow mean death,
Such death that thou thyself would ask.’

Links for Episode 88:

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