Episode 85+86: Of Land Hurricanes, Candle Light, and Large Living

In 85 episode, we discuss recent extreme weather, how much ‘rejection of technology’ is reasonable, what technology keeps you from learning, and attending Mass by candlelight.

In 86 episode, we chat about soft communism, weaning yourself from the comforts of urban life, and fasting. We continue our community vs family conversation, making a case for owning a bigger home, bodies needing space, and the duty to teach your children.


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Timestamps/Topics for Episode 85:

0:00 Intro
1:02 History of our intro quote
7:55 Land hurricane
12:23 The Sacred Heart
21:45 Fall Pig and Lamb classes
31:28 Hearth & Field and rejecting technology
34:43 The Mass by candlelight
46:00 Smoking meat has lost its substantial form
55:09 We Started our business without much tech

Links for Episode 85:

Timestamps/Topics for Episode 86:

0:00 Intro
1:04 Soft communism
5:07 Fasting could be the first step toward farming
16:35 Community vs faith/family continued
21:43 We need larger living spaces because bodies need space
34:21 Families have a right to a big home
37:50 It’s your duty to teach your children
48:15 Contemplating a big move

Links for Episode 86:

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