Episode 83+84: Of Blood Bread, Beef Classes and Building Society

In this episode 83, we chat about raising beef and dairy cows, blood bread and modern food, and we continue our discussion on Community vs. Society. 

In episode 84, we discuss the gift that is Community, Nature, Grace, & Original Sin, farming in reparation to God, the uselessness of smartphones, and the virtue of pork chops.


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Topics for Episode 83:

-Beef breeds for our classes, 3:32
-Sheep husbandry, 13:52
-Goose class and Family Pig classes, 15:47
-Raising dairy cows, 17:51
-Blood bread, 23:53
-Modern food tricks us into eating more, 28:33
-Back to Community vs. Society, 39:25
-Feed both the body and spirit, 40:28
-Story from Physiology of Taste by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 42:59
-Eating in the context of natural order & hierarchy, 50:29
-The etymology of Community, 52:20
-Losing community to unity, 1:03:32
-Excess of Community on the Right and Left, 1:05:55
-An authority that distributes common goods, 1:11:48

Topics for Episode 84:

-Community doesn’t save your soul, 1:01
-Community & friendship can concur, 4:22
-Choosing between community, worship, and land, 7:41
-Nature, Grace, & Original Sin, 13:29
-Farming is reparation to God, 17:33
-Choose worship, 29:06
-Communities formed around pilgrimages, 35:31
-Smartphones are immensely useless, 43:00
-The virtue of pork chops, 45:02

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