Episode 81+82: Recap of our Busy Season and Community vs. Society

In episode 81, we recap our Fall harvest season, all the classes we taught, fasting for advent and feasting over Christmas, preserving and losing meat, our upcoming beef and lamb classes, and a bit on raising rabbits. 

In episode 82, In this episode we chat about community, its different forms, positives and negatives, its lack of definition, its function in ideology, and what it offers. We compare it to society, how the family is the essential unit of society, and the grace family provides to a community.


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Topics for Episode 81:

  • Can you visit the farmstead?, 2:40
  • Limping through our busy season and Christmas, 5:50
  • Burdened by the abundance of the harvest season, the obligation of feasting, and advent, 8:00
  • Efficient means of dealing with the EPIC quantities of meat, 17:40
  • Losing meat, 20:00
  • Blood bread, 22:45
  • Our 2-day BEEF class that focuses on cookery, 32:00
  • 3-Day LAMB Harvest class, 37:12
  • Raising rabbits, 45:45

Topics for Episode 82:

  • Meatsmith is a social business, 1:01
  • Question from a fellow meatsmith, 3:15
  • How big of a factor does community play, 6:10
  • The communities we’ve been in, 9:05
  • Criticism of ‘community,’ 14:30
  • How community functions in ideology, 17:47
  • Community is a ‘talismanic’ word, 21:44
  • Feeling isolated as a farmer, 29:45
  • What does society offer the family?, 31:19
  • Society prevents isolationism, 32:05
  • Rugged, individualist, perseverance; 33:03
  • The family is the essential unit of society, 35:33
  • You don’t get grace through community, 39:00
  • Sacramental marriage, 39:13
  • The temporal order cannot survive on its own terms, 41:11
  • Community gets that kind of grace from the family, 43:35
  • The natural virtue of Patria, 43:55
  • Duties to society, 45:00
  • Sharing spiritual goods vs. material goods, 48:40
  • What is a common good?, 49:44

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