Episode 15: Pig Depilation

Brandon and Lauren discuss the important step of pig depilation, or the removal of the hair from the pig. While there a couple ways to do this, Brandon favors dunking the pig into a drum of hot water – it’s more efficient, generally works better, and allows more precision.

In this episode you can also hear Brandon talk with Graham Meriwether, director and producer of the new movie Farmers for America, about his first memories around food and farming.

Introduction and Announcements:

Show Notes:

  • What is pig depilation and why should we do it 49:50
  • What you lose if you don’t depilate the pig (and a look at the seam) 52:00
  • How we keep the skin and depilate 1:04:10
  • What happens when you over-scald the pig (and how to avoid it) 1:07:00
  • The value of getting all the hair off the pig 1:13:20
  • What is torching and how do you do it 1:21:30
  • What is hairy bacon 1:32:00
  • Listen to Brandon’s conversation with Graham 1:37:30

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