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Brandon and Lauren discuss whole animal spit roasting over open fire.  They talk about the cardinal rules (don’t use a thermometer,  don’t have a deadline, low and slow and look for meat falling off the bone), how to take care of yourself, wood selection, and how you determine doneness…when it’s done.

They talk about how they learned their methods over years of trial and error, but show recent resources they’ve found that can be helpful in speeding up your learning curve.

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Topics Discussed

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  • How we entered the world of barbecue. 16:30
  • The whole point of fire-roasting whole animals: 26:20
  • Four rules: No thermometer, no deadline, LOW AND SLOW, & look for meat falling off the bone.
  • How Lauren makes her flatbread: 48:00
  • Making a sauce: 56:56
  • So what’s the recipe for cooking a whole carcass?: 1:00:40
  • Wood selection and characteristics: 1:13:25
  • Further Resources: 1:22:05

Links for Episode 13

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-Spit roasting apparatus source:

-Our first whole animal spit roast:

-Tartine Bread book for flat bread:

-Seven Fires book:


Todo Sobre el Asado:

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