Episode 12: Meat Preservation, Part 2; Meat Fermentation

Brandon and Lauren discuss their approach to traditional, small scale salami production, and how to make a unique salami, not just a pleasant one.  They talk about how environment and climate affect (in fact dictate) successful meat fermentation, using both science (which includes-not ignores-your senses) and an artful, aesthetically motivated approach.

Brandon reveals the literature that has helped him shape his understanding.  They also end with a short discussion on what it would take (theoretically) to produce this salami for sale in America.  Policy may be a burden, thought it may not be impossible.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed

Introduction and Announcements:

  • Ignatia Ann Therese was born! (plus the birth story)
  • We’ve reached 10,000 downloads!
  • We’re developing new branches of our online education…Patreon support will help us expand: https://www.patreon.com/meatsmith
  • Upcoming fall classes here on Vashon and in Minnesota.


  • The story of how Brandon remembers learning how to make bacon himself…a commentary on our aesthetic.
  • What is Salami? 32:16
  • How do we make our salami? 40:40
  • Literature that’s been helpful for Brandon, 59:10
  • Retailing nitrate- and starter-culture-free salami? 1:11:00
  • A final note on the ill-defined fear of botulism, 1:19:50
  • BRANDON’S CALL FOR CITED CASES OF BOTULISM FROM SALAMI: we have not been able to find one!

Links for Episode 12

-The Tacoma Birthing Inn: https://thebirthinginn.com