Brandon and Lauren discuss becoming one’s own authority for curing meat by using one’s own senses, the science of water and salt on meat, as well as a well developed prowess.  They discuss whole muscle curing (as opposed to fermentation and confit methods of preservation) in a way that can fit the entire narrative in one’s mind for use in the domestic scale.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed

Introduction and Announcements:

  • Taking our time with these podcast episodes (less but longer episodes) due to our desire to attend to where our conversation leads.
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  • Testimonial that blew us away: listen at minute 7:20
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  • Cochon 555 Seattle recap; 18: 30


  • First, a reference to our new favorite cheap beer 🙂
  • Breaking down meat preservation into 3 categories: Whole Muscle Curing, Fermentation & Fatting
  • So…What is whole muscle curing? 33:00, holding preservation and flavor in balance as the way to achieve harmony…not necessarily acceptance from the dominant discourse voices.
  • Addressing the little devil of fear on our shoulder
    • What is botulism? 1:04:35
  • How would you cure different muscles (of different thicknesses)? 1:20:00
  • Salt Peter vs. Nitrate vs. Nitrite, 1:35:00
  • A final encouragement to go for it!…and to trust our innate spoilage detection capacity as humans. 1:46:00

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