Episodes 26 + 27: Sheep Slaughter

In Episode 26, Lauren and Brandon discuss fundamental principles to adhere to in the lead-up to a kill.  They describe how to avoid a chase, and how to maintain a calm herd when cornering a sheep or goat.  They also explain the mechanisms for bringing down and subduing a ruminant.

In Episode 27, Brandon and Lauren discuss the need to be decisive and aggressive when killing an animal to protect its dignity and show mercy.  They explain how a sharp knife is critical in making this happen.  Other topics covered are: the intimacy of killing an animal with a knife, how to make the cut and manage the animal as it is dying, collecting blood for blood sausage, working with the animal’s nature throughout the kill, and whether a knife or gun is the best tool to use.

And finally, for those that have been asking…..information on Brandon’s gambrel, and where you can purchase your own.

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Christmastide, 1:01
  • Feasting….Even when you don’t like the bacon! 3:10
  • Fundamental principles of the lead-up to the kill, 40:28
  • Taking down and subduing a ruminant, 1:09:21

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • Be decisive and aggressive….out of mercy and to preserve the dignity of the animal, 1:00
  • “Be at the service of the sheep”-  managing your feelings of reticence during the kill, 2:53
  • The kill, 10:40
    • Knife or gun?, 11:10
    • Use a “crazy-sharp knife”! 15:28
    • How to make the cut, and the need to hold on to the sheep after delivering the kill, 18:38
    • Collecting blood for blood sausage, 31:48
    • Snapping the neck and nicking the spinal cord, 32:18
  • Brandon’s gambrel, 38:11
  • The intimacy of killing an animal with a knife, and honoring the animal’s nature throughout the kill, 43:20

Links for Episodes 26 + 27: