Ep 42: “The Working Title” Podcast Interview

In this episode Brandon is interviewed by Steve and Joseph of The Working Title podcast.  Brandon shares the winding path that led him into the butchery trade; the unique approach of Farmstead Meatsmith; and how Farmstead Meatsmith came into being.  Other discussions include:  how technology has left the domestic scale behind (dulling the edge of human nature in the process); factory farming vs. veganism; the butcher’s duty to kill well; the cost of our existence; and what a random morning in Brandon’s life looks like.

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Show Notes:

  • “I am an itinerant slaughterman.”, 1:02
  • Farmstead Meatsmith’s unique approach – entire process yields to the culinary end, 3:22
  • Brandon’s path into the butchery trade, 7:25
  • The birth of Farmstead Meatsmith, 16:15
  • How technology has left the domestic scale behind, 18:54
  • Technology dulls the edge of human nature, 23:15
  • Factory farming vs. veganism and Brandon’s epiphanous moment, 26:55
  • The duty to kill well — be deliberate, swift and decisive, 34:21
  • The cost of our existence, 42:18
  • A morning in Brandon’s life and how to kill animals nicely, 55:20
  • Random questions, 1:03:22

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