Episodes 28 + 29: Raising, Slaughter and Hanging of Beef

In Episode 28, Lauren and Brandon discuss the husbandry of beef, to include grass-feeding and finishing.  Other topics discussed include: the effect genetics plays in the overall quality of the meat produced, and the wonders of dry-aging beef.

Brandon and Lauren also make a few exciting announcements:

1)  Brandon films in L.A. for an upcoming cooking show!  Stay tuned for more info….                                  2)  Pork shares are now on sale, and registration is open for spring Family Pig classes!

In Episode 29, Brandon and Lauren cover the slaughter:  waiting for the right shot, where to aim, and the kill.  They also discuss skinning, evisceration, and hanging.

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Brandon films in L.A.!, 1:00
  • Pork Shares on sale now!  Orders due by Feb 6th., 8:54
  • Spring Family Pig classes coming up!  This is a class for YOU! Join us!, 14:41
  • Husbandry of beef, 28:00
    • To grass-feed?, 28:21
    • Finishing cattle…. and discussions on cattle genetics, 42:54
      • Side topic:  Dry-aging of beef , 53:22

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • The Slaughter, 1:00
    • Use a pen, 1:37
    • Wait for the good shot, 6:20
    • Where to aim, and the kill, 8:34
      • Traditional method of killing a cow – knocking, 16:46
  • Siding (skinning) and eviscerating, 19:48
  • Hanging beef, 46:07

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