Knife Sharpening by Carter Cutlery


Murray Carter’s Blade Sharpening Fundamentals 


View Blade Sharpening Fundamentals HERE

Advanced Blade Sharpening Fundamentals HERE

As with all my knives, I follow Murray’s sharpening instruction to the letter.  The video is almost three hours long.  It will equip you once and for all not only to achieve sharpness, but to understand the sharpening process.

Of infinite worth to me is the free-hand approach.  Murray describes the short comings of jigs and angle aids focusing on giving you the skill to sharpen free-hand with one coarse and one fine stone.

Be warned: if you are not careful, this video can lead directly to condescension towards all knives but your own.  Try not to bunch the owners of said knives into the category of dullness.  In fact, this collection all but commissions you to spread sharpness far and wide.

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