2022 Live Chat Archives

December 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Reusing salt; gos growth rate; hot water in shop; rendering lard; slaughtering potbellies; pig dominance; prosciutto making; hanging brined hams.

October 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Braising then panfrying; Texas longhorn; suffering the burden abundance of headcheese; the eating of oaky things; tetanus vaccine; impoverishment of beef cookery; bullet removal; sausage seasonings ratios.

September 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Full throated Fergus Henderson; nesting habits for Muscovies; muscovies for cooking; How much salt for four potbellies; using duck fat; fattening ducks and geese; ringing pigs noses; curing meat in humid environments; do let them rest, meaning chickens on slaughter day; Pithing Muscovies; bacon from potbellies; removing crops from poultry.

August 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Mold on cures; eating raw; fat quality by breed; geese and their kinds; Muscovies and broodiness; casings on whole muscles; quiet geese; When to castrate ramlings; Where to slaughter lamb; what to do with thin bellies – porchetta.

July 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Skinning vs plucking for injured arms; cleaver sourcing; Demerara sugar sourcing; impotent boar, what do to?; boar taint; refinishing a block; curing sheep; IPP pigs; castrating older kunes; back bacon.

June 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Hog finishing, what to avoid; harvesting a small pig; Cecina cured beef; rabbit; using lard for soap;  planning for the wallow in hot weather; rabbit cookery; sticking cut small; rabbit confit; when to harvest bucklings; butcher shop floor cleaning; smoking black ham; old dairy goats.

May 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Hanging vs curing lamb; cutting pork leg into fiocco and prosciutto; Melissa’s amazing family recipe for making ham in Minnesota; where to remove skin on pork; how to avoid the freezer with duck: duck confit!; home veal processing; duck breeds; storing bladder for culatello; curing frozen meat.

April 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Update on shop and farm; how much salt to cure a pig, raising pigs without bagged feed; shaping coppa small pigs; casings on whole muscle cures; hanging brined meat; lard pig breed comparison; curing without sugar; boudin blanc; farrowing rails.

March 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Torching vs scalding; what to do with pig heads; pig skin in sausage, cotechino; sausage shrinkage; le crueset terrines; Gavagerie of geese; feeding lard pigs.

February 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Old world  vs new world beer; temperament of livestock and reproductive health; paying for good genetics; Muscovites; sheep experts; muscovy meat; getting Muscovites to reproduce; bird killing; sheep grazing on minimal pasture; grazing sheep in forest; walk-in essentials; size of walk-in; frozen brine.

January 2022 Facebook Live Chat.

Finishing pigs; smoking in freezing temps; private processing facility; warmest smoking temperature; ewe bacon; temp of smoke house; time from kill to gutting; sausage spicing ratio; breakfast sausage recipe; torching pigs vs using hay to burn hair off pigs; salami curing.