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In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren cover a miriad of topics ranging from preparing carnitas and utilizing lard, to slaughtering goat kids, making rennett, and the practice of gavage.  They also delve into more philosophical topics such as:  humane slaughter vs. natural death, the danger of compassion in the slaughter, and why eating meat is brazen.

Introduction and Announcements:

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Carnitas, 2:08
    • Utilizing lard, 7:55
  • Consuming fat: the triumvirate, 24:59
  • Keto diet and fasting, 27:27
  • New films up on our website under “Membership”, 36:26
    • The Curing of Lamb Flesh: Fenalore, 37:05
      • Salts, 37:42
    • TarTare, 54:08

Part 2 Show Notes

  • Slaughtering goat kids, 1:14
    • Scalding and scraping, 6:26
    • Rennett, 8:33
    • Kid carcass, 9:45
  • Slaughtering mauled sheep, 13:32
  • Humane slaughter vs. natural death, 20:13
  • The danger of compassion when slaughtering, 21:06
  • Eating meat is brazen, 24:53
  • Other spring projects, 27:43
    • Ducks and gavage, 28:20

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