Episode 95+96: St Thomas & the Ends of Labor

In this episode, we chat about our new baby, our kids keeping the fast, Easter week, St Thomas Aquinas’s ‘all knowledge comes through the senses’ and De Regno, and reason vs. instinct. 



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Timestamps/Topics for Episode 95:

0:00 We’re about to have a baby
3:00 Our kids are keeping the Feast
5:24 Slaughtering a lamb for Easter Week
12:55 In every account of the Resurrection, they’re preparing and eating food
22:00 Homeschooling at the dinner table
27:54 St Thomas Aquinas on manual labor
29:00 Family Pig & our most potent sense: touch
42:09 De Regno (On Kingship) by St Thomas Aquinas – Reason vs. instinct

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